Sunday, January 1, 2012

West Germany 1978 Game Part 1: Briefing

Sorry I haven't been uploading pictures of the new painted minis, the camera was kaput up until about yesterday.
So, with that said, Brody and I started a wargame last night at around 3:30. I'm in the process of choosing new miniatures to replace the old Russians that I was using for the modern game, and maybe buying some Cold War era Ruskies (and maybe some East Germans)
The year is 1978. The Russian Army is ploughing into West Germany. 3 Armies in that Area, the Norwegians, the Americans and the Canadians attack the Russians in a Communist-held town.
x3 American Infantry Companies
-1 Recce Company
-1 Anti-Armour/Support Company
-1 Infantry Company
x1 Canadian Rifle Company+ 1 Platoon
-1 Recce Platoon
-3 Infantry Platoons
-1 Command Platoon
x3 Norwegian Infantry Platoons
-1 Recce Platoon
-2 Rifle Platoon

Warsaw Pact: 
x4 Russian Infantry Companies
-1 Recce Company
-2 Heavy Companies
-1 Rifle Company

The town we're playing in, I know, it isn't too too different from the places we've played in the past.

The Canadians

The Norwegians

1 Company of Americans

And another. 

Part II will probably be along shortly, so stay tuned!

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