Saturday, January 28, 2012

Giant Rock build/Terrain Swop

Friday night... I got bored so I rummaged around the house, looking for snacks, something to do, etc. Dad didn't have anything for me to do, neither did mum or the ol' sister, so I took a look around my own environment (the basement) and found something to do.
It started with a little piece of styrofoam. I painted it grey and then let that dry for a little while.

After it got done drying, I put some glue on the top and sprinkled on some "turf slurry" (as I call it) which is really just a mixture of modelling flock, a few pinches of my dad's road sand (we use it for when our driveway gets icy) and some pebbles.

There it is! All done. Now, let's get to that terrain swop, shall we?
I decided that the "rock" that I got from our lizard cage wasn't quite doing the trick, so I swopped that out with a hill I made with my sister this past summer.

(After) WHAT'S THIS?!?!? The rock has vanished! Yes, it's been returned to my lizard.

I'd say he was quite happy with that.

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