Friday, March 30, 2012

First German infantry painted

Here they are! 8 in all, which in "World Aflame: Great War" rules is about 2 platoons.
1st Platoon in it's whole.

Of course I didn't forget Corporal Himmelstoss!

Onto 2nd Platoon:
This fellow is wearing an "Ersatz" helmet. Ersatz helmets (from what I understand), are kind of like lower-grade Pickelhaube helmets. This was sort of an experiment, but I found that I liked the look of it.

Another Ersatz helmet.

I a platoon of Jagers, so when I get the others finished up I will definitely upload them. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WWI Early War German Infantry painting guide

It's been a long time since I did a painting guide (I think).
This painting guide is for 15mm WWI German Infantry in the early war period (1914 to about 1915).
Alright, let's get to this!
The paints you will need are:
Vallejo Grey Green 
Vallejo Flat Brown 
Vallejo Buff 
Some sort of flesh tone 
Vallejo White 
Vallejo Flat Earth 
Vallejo Bloody Red 
Black Basecoat

Step 1: Black basecoat
Spray on a good ol' coat of Citadel Spray for your basecoat. 

Step 2: Webbing/Boots/Pack
This is when the Flat Brown comes in. Paint the boots and webbing Flat Brown.

As well as the backpack.
Step 3: Uniform
I use the Grey Green for the uniform.

I'm pretty lazy, so I don't always highlight my miniatures (partially because some of them are so small), but if you want, a lighter shade of gray would be good.
Step 4: Helmet/Other equipment
Use Vallejo Buff for the helmet.

Also for the blanket tied to the backpack.
Step 5: Flesh
I used a Humbrol flesh tone. It gives the right amount of vibrancy for me. You can also use Vallejo Flat Flesh.
Step 6: Uniform/helmet decorations
Paint the cuffs Bloody Red.

Paint the regimental numbers on the helmet Bloody Red as well (I tried to paint a "32" on it for the 32nd Reserve Infantry Regiment. Came out looking like a "31" or "71" even).
Step 7: Pack decorations
Paint the coffee mug white, and the bayonet sheath Vallejo Flat Brown.
Step 8: Rifle
Give the ol' 98' a coat of Flat Brown as well (although I used another color for it).
And the result...
After the wash. Not bad, eh?

I will be painting more very soon, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well that was... fast!

So apparently Superman flew my miniatures from England. They usually take about 20 days to get here, but this time it took just a week. I'll even quote myself from a past post: "also, the miniatures I ordered from Peter Pig should be here in about a fortnight and a half, so stay tuned!" Did you hear that? A fortnight and half! Not even. Whoa.
Anyhow, my first WWI set arrived from Peter Pig (aka the company that has employed Superman to fly their parcels overseas).
Okay, first we'll take a look at the German regular infantry.

An officer. I know what we'll name him. Corporal Himmelstoss! My least-favourite character from All Quiet on the Western Front.

Kneeling rifleman

My favourite pose from this set.

The Jagers
I got 8 Jagers in total, but I'll show you the 4 poses that there are.

The officer. We'll call him... "Sergeant Rosenberg", Pte. Rosenberg's great-grandpa

This is a soldier pulling the bolt of a rifle.

Kneeling rifleman.

I might upload a painting tutorial for the infantry and the Jagers. I am also considering removing some of the spikes on a few of the soldiers' helmets for the German Army in 1915 (soldiers often removed the spikes on their helmets in 1915).
Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something to ease the boredom

This happens every time between orders, nothing to do, nothing to update.
However, a lightbulb must have hatched out of my head today because I decided to make my own hero, much like Brody's "Barrows".
I'll call him, "Miginty". By the way, the use of a hero isn't really more than to sometime put bets on keeping them alive. Sort of maybe, in a way like "The Hunger Games" (which I finished reading yesterday! Now I can go see the movie with Brody and not feel so outdated).

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Status Report (March 21, 2012)

78.1 Degrees here in Belfast, and it's only March (for my foreign readers that's about 25 degrees Celsius)! Truly peculiar weather for springtime.
My rules for World Aflame: Great War are about half way done, also the miniatures I ordered from Peter Pig should be here in about a fortnight and a half, so stay tuned!
Also, if anybody would like the set of rules for Standoff: Cold War I'd be happy to share.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First WW1-Era Buys

I finally got 'round to ordering some WW1-era 15mm miniatures from Peter Pig. I've been meaning to buy some, but today was the day!
I'll show you the miniatures I bought (however my official preview will come in about 3-4 weeks when the miniatures arrive from England).
First set. The set titled "3.German infantry firing EW" in the "Square Bashing" section. They wear the picklehaube helmet.
Second set. These are Jägers, which were sort of like scouts. They were a Tschako. This set is the "27.German Jaegers  EW". 
Peter Pig makes some very cool miniatures! Again, these are 15mm.
I also picked up the paints required to paint the Germans recently on eBay, so as soon as they arrive, maybe I'll put a painting tutorial on. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some newly aquired terrain pieces

I've been sort of out of action regarding miniatures lately, so I took some time to focus on terrain making and buying.
I had some extra plaster mould sitting around, so I decided to make another little high-rise.

I bought a house recently at a local hobby store, too. I re-painted it and added some flock to the base.

I also found some styrofoam lying around, so I made a trenchline and hill with it. 
Stay tuned!