Monday, March 26, 2012

Well that was... fast!

So apparently Superman flew my miniatures from England. They usually take about 20 days to get here, but this time it took just a week. I'll even quote myself from a past post: "also, the miniatures I ordered from Peter Pig should be here in about a fortnight and a half, so stay tuned!" Did you hear that? A fortnight and half! Not even. Whoa.
Anyhow, my first WWI set arrived from Peter Pig (aka the company that has employed Superman to fly their parcels overseas).
Okay, first we'll take a look at the German regular infantry.

An officer. I know what we'll name him. Corporal Himmelstoss! My least-favourite character from All Quiet on the Western Front.

Kneeling rifleman

My favourite pose from this set.

The Jagers
I got 8 Jagers in total, but I'll show you the 4 poses that there are.

The officer. We'll call him... "Sergeant Rosenberg", Pte. Rosenberg's great-grandpa

This is a soldier pulling the bolt of a rifle.

Kneeling rifleman.

I might upload a painting tutorial for the infantry and the Jagers. I am also considering removing some of the spikes on a few of the soldiers' helmets for the German Army in 1915 (soldiers often removed the spikes on their helmets in 1915).
Stay tuned!

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