Monday, April 21, 2014

So... How've you been?

Hello again guys. Not sure if you remember me or not (half joking). Just a quick update for those who are still kicking around this place which we will call blogger.
Spring, at last (so I believe) has come again to New England and it cannot have come sooner.
This picture was actually taken last year, but pretty soon it'll be looking like this.
 I spent a period of time in Cologne (Pulheim, precisely), Germany in August and September on foreign exchange. I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to visit Germany, but if you have not, you definitely should!
The Kolner Dom

 Alas, after my 3 weeks were up in good ol' Deutschland and I returned home to Belfast homesick.
Lately I have not been doing much other than school, researching military-related topics (currently hooked on the Second Sino-Japanese War), drooling over guitars that I will never play and recording an album with my band which is currently going through a name change.
I have contemplated going back to wargaming, but the issue of time and money remains. I often find myself researching 20th century conflicts, and finding miniatures to correspond with them. Who knows, maybe that could turn into something.
Anyway, I've been looking at some of your blogs and I realize I am nostalgic for the wargaming days. If I somehow find myself with loads of time again, I'll be sure to load up on some miniatures again.