Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painted Israeli Infantry Company 1967-1973

I finally finished painting an Israeli infantry company for the 1967-1973 era. I think it came out okay. Tell me what you think!

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

And 4th Platoon.

Of course, I can't leave out to mention the help I got from my good pal Peppie. 
I may not be buying Cold War miniatures for a while. I'm trying to focus on WW1 for right now, that or Korea. I've noticed that not a lot of people do Korean War wargaming, especially in 15mm like what I might be doing.
However, I've already begun writing a set of rules compatible for the First World War.
I think some interesting changes are coming. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maybe making some new rules this weekend

I have been sitting on the fence about writing a new rulebook for a completely different wargame, this time maybe involving the First World War or Second World War, or even Korea. It's starting to look like this one might be leaning towards the First World War. I've found a really good website for some 15mm First World War minis. I suggest you go check them out.
One of the big things with this new wargame will be a more accurate range to accommodate the scale miniatures. I mean, the "15 inches for a rifle" rule is a bit odd for a 20mm miniature, but 15mm and that sounds more like it.
I am STILL sitting on the fence about this.  What do you guys think of this?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painted Platoon 20 Scottish Infantry Company

I painted the last 2 miniatures of my first British Infantry company today. I'll let you see them.
Here they are in total.

1 Plt. First platoon I painted up.

2 Plt. I really enjoyed painting the figures with the Tam o'Shanters. That was always fun.

3 Plt. I nicknamed the one on the right "Cpl. Butterscotch". No idea why, but at least one soldier in every force needs a valid nickname.

And finally 4 Plt. I painted these today. 
Next up will probably either be an HQ company or a heavy/support company, them or the Paras.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First British Cold War preview (Platoon 20)

I got around to some painting today. I painted 2 miniatures, 1 Scottish and 1 with a Steel helmet (possibly belonging to a Scottish regiment as well). Anyhow, let's get to the preview.
I think I went a little to heavy on the wash on this one. I wish I had a different light to show you guys this one with. I might actually re-paint this miniature entirely.


Now onto the Scottish. I learned my lesson as to not go too heavy on the wash, so I did a light wash. Came out looking really good.


Both of them together. I found that a quick highlight of the one I did a heavy wash on worked okay.
I have another 6 miniatures to paint, so stay tuned!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post-War British Infantry from Platoon 20

So my Platoon 20 Cold War era British Infantry came in the mail today. They look wonderful!
Anyhow, I figured that it would be fair if I gave you guys a preview.
All of them will make up a company of infantry.

Definitely liking the helmets on the 3 of them (they're all Mk. V helmets, used by the British military up until the 80's I believe).

4 Scottish soldiers with Tam o' Shanters's. I am thinking of putting one of each in a platoon.
Again, incredible looking miniatures from Platoon 20. Here's the link to the Platoon 20/East Riding Miniatures website.
I will definitely paint them soon, so stay tuned!

Monday, February 13, 2012

West German Defence Unit

After this weekend's cleaning up project, I decided to get back to painting. First thing's first, I needed to finish up my West Germans.
I think that this unit of 3 platoons is more of just a defence unit, and it might not see too too much action, but the war effort is needed, so here they are!
In order, it goes the anti-tank support platoon, the ground anti-air platoon and then the light machine gun support platoon.

The rifleman on the left has a U.S. style helmet cover, and the anti-tank weapon firer (hey... he looks familiar) has a regular West-German style helmet cover.

Remember ol' Private Rosenberg (on the left) ? Ah yes, he's our favourite Jewish army man, oh, the chutzpah he had to do service in the Norwegian Army!! He's seen quite a bit of battle. Anyway, this is the ground anti-air platoon.

The support light machine gun platoon. Just your Average Joe anti-infantry platoon.
That's all for now. I might actually be getting the C/O set to accommodate this set, making it a company (finally).
Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cleaning out the office

The basement office was starting to look sort of cluttered, so I took some time and cleared it all out.
First things' first... let's get rid of that Green Hornet poster. I didn't even like that movie...
Secondly, I need to take my mat and clean that off. I am actually considering getting rid of my desk period, and working up in my bedroom, though things would get sort of cluttered. That might take some more thought.

Thirdly, the collective amount of boxes on my shelves. I NEED to get rid of those.

I splayed all 10 of them out on the floor, and they each waited their fate... the wood stove.

Such as this one...
I had some help with it though;


and finally my Lab, Lilly. 
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold War Turkish experiment

I started painting again last night. I painted some Israelis, but this morning I painted an unusual Turkish soldier with one of my Elhiem Pakistanis. I think that the West Germans would have been a little more suiting, but I needed those for the actual West Germans so there was nothing I could do.

Full moon tonight. I don't know why I took this picture, I really just felt like it (taken from my porch).

The Turk is on the left and the Israeli is on the right.

Painting the pack of rifle grenades was kind of a pain. I had to do some additional research of what the actual pack itself looked like.

Here's the Turk. In order to paint this one, I went onto Elhiem's Facebook page and looked at some pictures from Matt Hingley, a sculptor for Elhiem, who also paints the miniatures he makes. I looked at the picture he uploaded of Elhiem's new NATO riflemen set, and he painted one of them in Turkish army uniform for the Cold War, so that was my painting guide.

Another Israeli.  
Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Painted Liberation Israeli Platoon

This weekend's re-painting project really took some energy out of me. I had a nasty cold this weekend, so I didn't get too much done. However, I did paint a platoon of Israeli riflemen for the 1967 Six-Day War/1973 Yom Kippur War era.

I loved painting these guys, but I think they might be more suiting for the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

I don't know when these soldiers will first see action, who knows.
Miniature painting is not on the agenda for the rest of the day. Luckily my cold passed just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, so the big game will keep me occupied for the rest of the day. I will paint more tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend re-painting project

I've decided that I should probably change my Canadians and Norwegians over to their original design, Israelis and West Germans.
I primed them...

And then covered them in black paint (I'm out of black primer).

The first West German Rifleman I painted up.

There might be updates over the weekend, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

15mm Italian Campaign British Troops (just for fun)

Since I don't currently have any 20mm miniatures to paint at the moment, I took a look through the old bag of unpainted miniatures and pulled a few 15mm British Troops I got from Battlefront Miniatures over the summer. I didn't really do anything with them until now.
I painted about a squad of soldiers. Like I said, there isn't really a reason for this. I don't think I'll use them for any wargaming any time in the near future.

A Bren gunner and a C/O with a Tommy gun.

2 Riflemen.

A Boys anti-tank rifleman.
Stay tuned!