Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold War Turkish experiment

I started painting again last night. I painted some Israelis, but this morning I painted an unusual Turkish soldier with one of my Elhiem Pakistanis. I think that the West Germans would have been a little more suiting, but I needed those for the actual West Germans so there was nothing I could do.

Full moon tonight. I don't know why I took this picture, I really just felt like it (taken from my porch).

The Turk is on the left and the Israeli is on the right.

Painting the pack of rifle grenades was kind of a pain. I had to do some additional research of what the actual pack itself looked like.

Here's the Turk. In order to paint this one, I went onto Elhiem's Facebook page and looked at some pictures from Matt Hingley, a sculptor for Elhiem, who also paints the miniatures he makes. I looked at the picture he uploaded of Elhiem's new NATO riflemen set, and he painted one of them in Turkish army uniform for the Cold War, so that was my painting guide.

Another Israeli.  
Stay tuned!

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