Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last post for a long while...

Hello, guys!
I know judging by the title of this post that this probably isn't going to be a very optimistic one, but I encourage you to read on.
Lately I've been finding myself lacking the 3 fundamental aspects needed to be a wargamer: 1: Time, 2: Money and over all 3: Interest. I wouldn't say that I'm not as interested in history any less, that's kind of how my hobby with wargaming miniatures began, my love of history.
It's also tied to the whole money and time issue. I find that my re-entering to school has left me short of time for a rather time-consuming hobby.
I've found myself devoted to playing music over the years (since about age 10), and that has been something I can focus on moreso than I can wargaming in recent time.
So, I issue you this temporary goodbye, but first I ought to show you the Korean War infantry that I painted over the past few weeks.
Here they are (I'm missing one figure to the cats).
Naturally, my favorite post first.

Second favorite.

And the guys who use their brains and duck for once.
And so it's done. I can't say I didn't have fun painting and wargaming in the basement, normally in the winter when the woodstove is cranking. This winter, I think the basement will be filled with the sound of my friend Will and I practicing songs that I've written, none the less fun.
If there's any advice I can give wargamers, and everybody at that, it's do what you're passionate for. If it's wargaming you're passionate for (as most people reading this post, it is), do that.
Goodbye, farewell and amen, everyone. It's been a lot of fun.