Friday, April 20, 2012

A "so long" game to Cold War in 20mm (Part 2)...

Last I checked, I was nearing an old building, so let's start off with Dad's turn.

Turn 9: Dad
Dad goes on the offensive, moving small elements of his LMG platoon up to the center of town to maybe re-enforce his  sniper. He also moves up Barrows's force consisting of mainly riflemen. 

Turn 10: Me
The small heroic platoon moves up to the old building, and I move my Light Machine gunner up to the roof.

I plan to attack, but 1 hit does nothing against a sniper!

So it looks like my Light Machine gunner is stuck (and very well screwed) until his next turn.
Turn 11: Dad
Ah... So Dad IS trying to support the sniper, that or do a full-frontal assault on my forces in the town.

"Infiltrate the house!"
Turn 12: Me
A 9. Sad to say that this will probably be the last move I make in 20mm...

I move up 3 of my soldiers, readying for a surprise!

What's this? An armistice!
This was the first and the last battle for the British and American 20mm troops. It was a bloodless battle, so maybe it was more of an exercise but that's not what matters. I'll admit I'm somewhat sad about leaving the whole 20mm thing for maybe WWII or maybe the Cold War in 15mm.
For now, it's to the shelves with my old 20mm miniatures. 

I'll admit I'm a little bit sad to stow them away for now, but then again, the 15mm scale is far cheaper and it takes up far less room.
While it may be "So Long" to 20mm, I'll know they're always on the shelf if I need them.
In a few weeks I may be getting some things from Flames of War/Battlefront, so stay tuned!

A "so long" game to the Cold War in 20mm (Part 1)...

So, today is the day that I officially let go of the Cold War in the 20mm scale.
From now on I will finding another era, and maybe staying in the same scale, or switching over. I am starting to debate whether or not to stick with the Cold War, and maybe experiment with WWII with my birthday coming up and all.
Anyway, me and my dad did a classic Soviets vs. NATO game. I didn't bother choose a location to play in.
Anyway, to the game!
Boogeyville, our battlefield of choice.
Turn 1: Dad
Dad's forces. He's got about a company if you're talking about the 2nd Edition Standoff: Cold War rules.

Even Barrows makes his return for his last hurrah.

Dad rolls an 8 and moves his Russian sniper up. He also decides to move a tank commander up (even though tank commanders really do... nothing).

He positions himself on the roof, still too far away from my troops outside of town.

His (useless) tank commander is on the roof as well now.
Turn 2: Me
I roll a decent 10. Not bad, young grasshopper, not bad. 

I move up elements of my U.S. forces along with a few Brits. I wanted my Yanks and Brits to see some battle before they were officially retired.
Turn 3: Dad
A barely-decent roll of 5.
He pulls a Brody and moves Barrows up into the line of fire. I never thought I'd actually be rooting for Barrows but since this is kind of a special occasion... GO BARROWS GO!!
Turn 4: Me
An almost-maximum roll of 11. Still, not bad.

That results with me moving 2 riflemen (one of them being Miginty) and 1 light machine gunner multiple times up to a little ridge.
Turn 5: Dad
Another somewhat unlucky roll.

Dad moves up his cleverly-organized LMG platoon into the town.
Turn 6: Me
Not a bad roll of 7.

With those 7 I decide to move more infantry up to the little ridge, readying for my assault on the town.  I also elements of my British forces up the right flank to infiltrate Barrows's team.
Turn 7: Dad
Dad's first very good roll.

It's now "full speed ahead" for him and his infantry. They're heading around to my right flank, which is defended primarily by Trained West Germans and Veteran British riflemen. If he does break through, I do hope that they can hold the line!
Turn 8: Me
I continue to move my platoon of infantry up, nearing my Dad's line...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Status Report (April 10, 2012)

Looks like we're returning to the Cold War. Well, WWI, it was fun, but I think that I should focus more on the Cold War.
However, with my return to the Cold War, there will be a slight change. This time, it's in 15mm! Yes, a scale change is necessary. I can get miniatures cheaper in 15mm. 
Peter Pig and QRF miniatures will be the mail supplier, I think. I've also been editing the rules to Standoff: Cold War.
I am actually a little iffy about the whole 15mm thing, so I might have to just get my feet wet at first and give it a try. 
There will probably be more changes soon, so stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

World Aflame Great War now on Google Docs! Give a try?

The mostly done set of rules for World Aflame Great War is now available on Google Documents.
The set of rules is easy to pick up and play, and the rules aren't too hard.
I might also be switching back to the Cold War in a short period of time, that or WWII. Any thoughts?
Anyway, the link is right here. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting WW1 German Jagers by Peter Pig

Yay! I finally got my Jagers done today. From what I remember, Jagers were like the elite skirmishers of the German Army. How exciting! So, let's get to the preview.
Let's take a look at 1st Platoon

Here's Private Rosenberg's great-grandfather, Sergeant Rosenberg.

Alright, now onto 2nd Platoon 

You can zoom in to see more details. I would recommend it! 
I might be buying more miniatures soon, so stay tuned!