Friday, April 20, 2012

A "so long" game to Cold War in 20mm (Part 2)...

Last I checked, I was nearing an old building, so let's start off with Dad's turn.

Turn 9: Dad
Dad goes on the offensive, moving small elements of his LMG platoon up to the center of town to maybe re-enforce his  sniper. He also moves up Barrows's force consisting of mainly riflemen. 

Turn 10: Me
The small heroic platoon moves up to the old building, and I move my Light Machine gunner up to the roof.

I plan to attack, but 1 hit does nothing against a sniper!

So it looks like my Light Machine gunner is stuck (and very well screwed) until his next turn.
Turn 11: Dad
Ah... So Dad IS trying to support the sniper, that or do a full-frontal assault on my forces in the town.

"Infiltrate the house!"
Turn 12: Me
A 9. Sad to say that this will probably be the last move I make in 20mm...

I move up 3 of my soldiers, readying for a surprise!

What's this? An armistice!
This was the first and the last battle for the British and American 20mm troops. It was a bloodless battle, so maybe it was more of an exercise but that's not what matters. I'll admit I'm somewhat sad about leaving the whole 20mm thing for maybe WWII or maybe the Cold War in 15mm.
For now, it's to the shelves with my old 20mm miniatures. 

I'll admit I'm a little bit sad to stow them away for now, but then again, the 15mm scale is far cheaper and it takes up far less room.
While it may be "So Long" to 20mm, I'll know they're always on the shelf if I need them.
In a few weeks I may be getting some things from Flames of War/Battlefront, so stay tuned!

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