Friday, April 20, 2012

A "so long" game to the Cold War in 20mm (Part 1)...

So, today is the day that I officially let go of the Cold War in the 20mm scale.
From now on I will finding another era, and maybe staying in the same scale, or switching over. I am starting to debate whether or not to stick with the Cold War, and maybe experiment with WWII with my birthday coming up and all.
Anyway, me and my dad did a classic Soviets vs. NATO game. I didn't bother choose a location to play in.
Anyway, to the game!
Boogeyville, our battlefield of choice.
Turn 1: Dad
Dad's forces. He's got about a company if you're talking about the 2nd Edition Standoff: Cold War rules.

Even Barrows makes his return for his last hurrah.

Dad rolls an 8 and moves his Russian sniper up. He also decides to move a tank commander up (even though tank commanders really do... nothing).

He positions himself on the roof, still too far away from my troops outside of town.

His (useless) tank commander is on the roof as well now.
Turn 2: Me
I roll a decent 10. Not bad, young grasshopper, not bad. 

I move up elements of my U.S. forces along with a few Brits. I wanted my Yanks and Brits to see some battle before they were officially retired.
Turn 3: Dad
A barely-decent roll of 5.
He pulls a Brody and moves Barrows up into the line of fire. I never thought I'd actually be rooting for Barrows but since this is kind of a special occasion... GO BARROWS GO!!
Turn 4: Me
An almost-maximum roll of 11. Still, not bad.

That results with me moving 2 riflemen (one of them being Miginty) and 1 light machine gunner multiple times up to a little ridge.
Turn 5: Dad
Another somewhat unlucky roll.

Dad moves up his cleverly-organized LMG platoon into the town.
Turn 6: Me
Not a bad roll of 7.

With those 7 I decide to move more infantry up to the little ridge, readying for my assault on the town.  I also elements of my British forces up the right flank to infiltrate Barrows's team.
Turn 7: Dad
Dad's first very good roll.

It's now "full speed ahead" for him and his infantry. They're heading around to my right flank, which is defended primarily by Trained West Germans and Veteran British riflemen. If he does break through, I do hope that they can hold the line!
Turn 8: Me
I continue to move my platoon of infantry up, nearing my Dad's line...

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