Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where to go, where to go...

I've been sort of busy with school and other things lately, so progress is incredibly slow. I've also been thinking about switching eras, from the Yugoslav Wars to the Korean War in 15mm. I think I've decided that 15mm should be the correct scale 1: Because it's cheap 2: You get a lot more for your money 3: Easier to store your freakin' minis!
Now, I know I tend to beat myself up when looking for a good era, and so far nothing has changed.
Although, I have narrowed it down to the following:
The Korean War (1950-1953): Slow, stagnant, LOTS of infantry, somewhat like WW1 but more recent, lots of countries involved.
A Civil War on a distant planet: Could be however I want it to be!
First Balkan War: Semi-modern, wouldn't really fit Force on Force...

Well, I'll be busy trying to make up my mind about what era to choose. It's leaning towards Korea, but suggest an era if you'd like!
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Force on Force test game/Progress at a standstill

My friend James came over this weekend, and after a night of drinking Coke and watching "The Dictator", this morning James recommended we try Force on Force. This is my first Force on Force game in a while (I tried it with Brody, and things went over smoothly), but it's also my first "game" in the Yugoslav Wars era.
The usual table setup. Let's call it, "Foograd"

James's Croats. He's lucky, because he gets Chuckov Norrisavic. Maybe he will get another defense die...

My Bosnians.
Turn 1: James
James sneakily disperses throughout the town. Yes, there is the Challenger in the background, but he won't be using that in this game.
Turn 2: Me
I begin to advance on the town of Foograd. 
Turn 3: James
James moves one of his guys up onto the roof of a house. And takes a shot at my squad. I pass the reaction test and the turn goes as normal. 

Turn 4: Me
I take cover behind a little ridge near a treeline.

James reacts to my movement by attempting to inflict a casualty on one on me, but he fails in doing so.
Turn 5: James
James cleverly moves the same rooftop shooter to a window. He attempts to inflict a casualty on on me.

I react by moving out of the way, and preparing to assault where 2 of James's soldiers, one being Captain Petrovic.
Turn 6: Me
I launch my assault and fire at Captain Petrovic. He obtains a serious wound.

I take control of the building. 
Turn 7: James
James bugs out of the building first chance he gets. Wise choice...
Turn 8: Me
I begin to assault the building where James's "rooftop shooter" is. 
We ended the game after that and ate lunch. This is the first Bosnian-Croat game I've done, let's hope there are more in the future. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Painted Bosnian/Croatian soldiers with M56 Helmets from Elhiem

While I've been enjoying the 3rd Coldplay album, X&Y (which I got in the mail a few days ago), I've also been painting those Yugoslav Wars soldiers
Really good album, one of their best in my opinion.

Anyway, here's the fireteam as a whole.

Sergeant Helmitavic looking good in his camo.

Corporal Kovac is actually the only "Bosnian" in this fireteam. I painted the Bosnian Fleur-De-Lise on his shoulders and the front of his helmet. The others (aside from the one below) are non-biased and don't have a set side.

This guy is a Croat. If you can see, I've painted the Croatian šahovnica on his helmet (on the other side as well). 

And this guy in full camo.
My Bosnian/Croatian force is up to 8 troops. I should be getting more in the future, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A preview of Elhiem's East German fireteam

Today was my first day of school, which I'd rate it a 8/10. A big thanks to the Peer Leaders of Belfast Area High School (along with the teachers) for their help for the freshman's first day! Making the whole first day thing less sucky and confusing.
Ah, anyway, when I got home I opened the mailbox to find my Elhiem East German firesquad there, so I brought them in and prepped them for their photo debut. Enjoy!
The fireteam from the C/O to the second-in command, to the other 2 men (how I usually do it).

The fireteam leader. We'll call him, "Sergeant Bob Helmitavic"

Sergeant Helmitavic's second in command, Corporal Csaba Kovac (alright, enough of the naming, I only tend to name the ones in command).

A look at the equipment they've got on their backs (you should be able to zoom in).

Here they are with spackling on their bases, which is how I base them now.
I like their helmets, the M56 is actually one of my favorites, but Ben of Ben's Soldiers disagrees. Ah well. These probably wouldn't suit Serbs, but rather Bosnians and Croats partially because of the helmet, which I don't think was used by Serbia.
I should have these painted up rather soon, I'll make sure to do paint them before school gets to hectic. Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once in a blue moon...

Even though the 31st was the Blue Moon, which we'll get in another 3 years or so, last I performed at the Mermaid Inn in nearby Searsport.
My friend James video taped it, but sadly I can't upload it (I did covers of "In My Place" and a few others).
Anyway, a few days ago I ordered another set from Elhiem. It's the new East German riflemen in M56 Helmets, setting up for my Siege of Mostar game.
Very high quality.
 I should be getting these sometime this week. Stay tuned!