Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A preview of Elhiem's East German fireteam

Today was my first day of school, which I'd rate it a 8/10. A big thanks to the Peer Leaders of Belfast Area High School (along with the teachers) for their help for the freshman's first day! Making the whole first day thing less sucky and confusing.
Ah, anyway, when I got home I opened the mailbox to find my Elhiem East German firesquad there, so I brought them in and prepped them for their photo debut. Enjoy!
The fireteam from the C/O to the second-in command, to the other 2 men (how I usually do it).

The fireteam leader. We'll call him, "Sergeant Bob Helmitavic"

Sergeant Helmitavic's second in command, Corporal Csaba Kovac (alright, enough of the naming, I only tend to name the ones in command).

A look at the equipment they've got on their backs (you should be able to zoom in).

Here they are with spackling on their bases, which is how I base them now.
I like their helmets, the M56 is actually one of my favorites, but Ben of Ben's Soldiers disagrees. Ah well. These probably wouldn't suit Serbs, but rather Bosnians and Croats partially because of the helmet, which I don't think was used by Serbia.
I should have these painted up rather soon, I'll make sure to do paint them before school gets to hectic. Stay tuned!

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