Saturday, September 22, 2012

Force on Force test game/Progress at a standstill

My friend James came over this weekend, and after a night of drinking Coke and watching "The Dictator", this morning James recommended we try Force on Force. This is my first Force on Force game in a while (I tried it with Brody, and things went over smoothly), but it's also my first "game" in the Yugoslav Wars era.
The usual table setup. Let's call it, "Foograd"

James's Croats. He's lucky, because he gets Chuckov Norrisavic. Maybe he will get another defense die...

My Bosnians.
Turn 1: James
James sneakily disperses throughout the town. Yes, there is the Challenger in the background, but he won't be using that in this game.
Turn 2: Me
I begin to advance on the town of Foograd. 
Turn 3: James
James moves one of his guys up onto the roof of a house. And takes a shot at my squad. I pass the reaction test and the turn goes as normal. 

Turn 4: Me
I take cover behind a little ridge near a treeline.

James reacts to my movement by attempting to inflict a casualty on one on me, but he fails in doing so.
Turn 5: James
James cleverly moves the same rooftop shooter to a window. He attempts to inflict a casualty on on me.

I react by moving out of the way, and preparing to assault where 2 of James's soldiers, one being Captain Petrovic.
Turn 6: Me
I launch my assault and fire at Captain Petrovic. He obtains a serious wound.

I take control of the building. 
Turn 7: James
James bugs out of the building first chance he gets. Wise choice...
Turn 8: Me
I begin to assault the building where James's "rooftop shooter" is. 
We ended the game after that and ate lunch. This is the first Bosnian-Croat game I've done, let's hope there are more in the future. Stay tuned!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! It's kind of always like that, but it does seem to fit the mood for this game...

  2. Very nice looking game, I wish I could write an AAR so clearly!

    1. I find that doing a picture for each turn helps.