Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painted Israeli Infantry Company 1967-1973

I finally finished painting an Israeli infantry company for the 1967-1973 era. I think it came out okay. Tell me what you think!

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

And 4th Platoon.

Of course, I can't leave out to mention the help I got from my good pal Peppie. 
I may not be buying Cold War miniatures for a while. I'm trying to focus on WW1 for right now, that or Korea. I've noticed that not a lot of people do Korean War wargaming, especially in 15mm like what I might be doing.
However, I've already begun writing a set of rules compatible for the First World War.
I think some interesting changes are coming. Stay tuned!


  1. Very nice blog, I will add you to mine. I like your painting. The Israelis rock! I use all 20mm plastic for mine, mostly Orion I think, and some conversions. Have you ever converted Syrians or others to go with them? It would be interesting to know what you used. Anyway, nice blog and painting

  2. Hi Ben.
    No, I have never done any conversions. I think I might try sometime in the near future, though.
    Glad you like my blog!