Monday, February 13, 2012

West German Defence Unit

After this weekend's cleaning up project, I decided to get back to painting. First thing's first, I needed to finish up my West Germans.
I think that this unit of 3 platoons is more of just a defence unit, and it might not see too too much action, but the war effort is needed, so here they are!
In order, it goes the anti-tank support platoon, the ground anti-air platoon and then the light machine gun support platoon.

The rifleman on the left has a U.S. style helmet cover, and the anti-tank weapon firer (hey... he looks familiar) has a regular West-German style helmet cover.

Remember ol' Private Rosenberg (on the left) ? Ah yes, he's our favourite Jewish army man, oh, the chutzpah he had to do service in the Norwegian Army!! He's seen quite a bit of battle. Anyway, this is the ground anti-air platoon.

The support light machine gun platoon. Just your Average Joe anti-infantry platoon.
That's all for now. I might actually be getting the C/O set to accommodate this set, making it a company (finally).
Stay tuned!

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