Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cleaning out the office

The basement office was starting to look sort of cluttered, so I took some time and cleared it all out.
First things' first... let's get rid of that Green Hornet poster. I didn't even like that movie...
Secondly, I need to take my mat and clean that off. I am actually considering getting rid of my desk period, and working up in my bedroom, though things would get sort of cluttered. That might take some more thought.

Thirdly, the collective amount of boxes on my shelves. I NEED to get rid of those.

I splayed all 10 of them out on the floor, and they each waited their fate... the wood stove.

Such as this one...
I had some help with it though;


and finally my Lab, Lilly. 
Stay tuned!

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