Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WWI Early War German Infantry painting guide

It's been a long time since I did a painting guide (I think).
This painting guide is for 15mm WWI German Infantry in the early war period (1914 to about 1915).
Alright, let's get to this!
The paints you will need are:
Vallejo Grey Green 
Vallejo Flat Brown 
Vallejo Buff 
Some sort of flesh tone 
Vallejo White 
Vallejo Flat Earth 
Vallejo Bloody Red 
Black Basecoat

Step 1: Black basecoat
Spray on a good ol' coat of Citadel Spray for your basecoat. 

Step 2: Webbing/Boots/Pack
This is when the Flat Brown comes in. Paint the boots and webbing Flat Brown.

As well as the backpack.
Step 3: Uniform
I use the Grey Green for the uniform.

I'm pretty lazy, so I don't always highlight my miniatures (partially because some of them are so small), but if you want, a lighter shade of gray would be good.
Step 4: Helmet/Other equipment
Use Vallejo Buff for the helmet.

Also for the blanket tied to the backpack.
Step 5: Flesh
I used a Humbrol flesh tone. It gives the right amount of vibrancy for me. You can also use Vallejo Flat Flesh.
Step 6: Uniform/helmet decorations
Paint the cuffs Bloody Red.

Paint the regimental numbers on the helmet Bloody Red as well (I tried to paint a "32" on it for the 32nd Reserve Infantry Regiment. Came out looking like a "31" or "71" even).
Step 7: Pack decorations
Paint the coffee mug white, and the bayonet sheath Vallejo Flat Brown.
Step 8: Rifle
Give the ol' 98' a coat of Flat Brown as well (although I used another color for it).
And the result...
After the wash. Not bad, eh?

I will be painting more very soon, so stay tuned!


  1. For tiny numbers, letters, etc. try using a Staedler or Koh-I-Noor technical pen. Some painting purists may freak out at the suggestion but the results are so much better than brush.

  2. I will try and find one. I think that might help...