Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First WW1-Era Buys

I finally got 'round to ordering some WW1-era 15mm miniatures from Peter Pig. I've been meaning to buy some, but today was the day!
I'll show you the miniatures I bought (however my official preview will come in about 3-4 weeks when the miniatures arrive from England).
First set. The set titled "3.German infantry firing EW" in the "Square Bashing" section. They wear the picklehaube helmet.
Second set. These are Jägers, which were sort of like scouts. They were a Tschako. This set is the "27.German Jaegers  EW". 
Peter Pig makes some very cool miniatures! Again, these are 15mm.
I also picked up the paints required to paint the Germans recently on eBay, so as soon as they arrive, maybe I'll put a painting tutorial on. Stay tuned!

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