Wednesday, January 4, 2012

West Germany 1978 Game Part 4: First contact with the Russians

The game continues...
Turn 23: Me
I roll a 6 and the first Canadians are beginning to hit the hill. (Much to Brody's dismay).
Turn 24: Brody
Brody moves 4 units up towards the hill, including the sniper. 

Turn 25: Me
A decent roll winds me up on the hill, in range of Brody's officers. I roll the attack die, and I get a 3. Just enough to kill one of Brody's officers.
Bam! First casualty of the game.

My view from the hill. (Ignore the Camera man Andre down on the ground).
Turn 26: Brody
The sniper is in view. What will happen? Find out soon...

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