Wednesday, January 4, 2012

West Germany 1978 Game Part 5: Canadians hold Hill 816

Day 2 of battle continues with the Canadians holding the hill, but still making minor advances.
Turn 27: Me
I still hold the hill. Another scenic photo from Andre the Camera Man.
Turn 28: Brody
Brody moves his sniper to the roof of a townhouse, which puts him just out of range of my soldiers on the ridge.
Turn 29: Me
Knowing full well that I might be attacked, I move 3 soldiers up to attack his sniper on the roof. I roll the attack die, and I get a 4. I use 2 of them on Brody's sniper.
Brody's sniper... dead! Ring the liberation bells!
Turn 30: Brody
Unbeknownst to me, one of Brody infantry platoons was is in range of one of my Canadian rifleman. Brody rolls the attack die, gets a 3 and unfortunately kills one of my Canucks.

The first Canadian casualty of the game. He will be missed...
Turn 31: Me
With my troops angry, I still hold the ridge. (This picture was taken by Andre the Camera Man).

And the first civilian casualty occurs. Andre the Cameraman will no longer be taking scenic pictures. That's my job now... Maybe I'll bring him back to life for Part 6.
 Turn 32: Brody
A rifleman along with the officer that killed one of men move up to the hill. Oh, what audacity!

Another Canadian... dead.
Turn 33: Me
I move up a reservist. He's yet to see battle...

Using 3 riflemen, I kill Brody's officer. That's what he gets for killing 2 Canadians!
Turn 34: Brody
Brody's OTHER sniper. Oh, goody. He moves the sniper from the trench a little further towards my Canadians.
Turn 35: Me
With my reservists heading towards Hill 816 to hold it, I send in a platoon and a half of Canadians. My plans are yet to be de-classified. 
Much more to come!

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