Saturday, January 7, 2012

West German test miniatures

I started figuring out the painting scheme for the West German Army, which is a project I intend to carry out soon. (Also the British Army, Elhiem just released a BAOR set, so I'll definitely be picking those up when I get the extra coin).
I used an extra Elhiem figure, which I was intending to use for the Norwegians, but since I've got a company of them, I'll start working on the West Germans.
An anti-aircraft missile firer. I don't really know what shade of grey I used for the uniform, I just took a little bottle of grey paint, spread that out and decided that it looked good.

I have made the decision to cover my table with one colour of static grass, buying grass mats for it after that. Oh, and I've decided that I'll be sticking with the 20mm Cold War thing!

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