Monday, January 2, 2012

West Germany 1978 Game Part 3: Norwegian Advances/Canadian Assault

Turn 7: Me
I roll a 4 and move up more of my Norwegians. For one of my rifle platoons, the objective is in sight. 
Turn 8: Brody
Brody moves his first sniper up to the trench (sorry for the blur).
Turn 9: Me
The rifle platoon that could continues to move towards the rock. They're almost there! 
Turn 10: Brody
One of the more "Scenic" photos from the battle, if you ask me. I almost want to put it in black and white and frame it. I'm only half-joking of course, but Brody moves his forces up into the trench a little more, all while making the fate of the Americans all but certain.
Turn 11: Me
The Norwegian rifle platoon is now hiding behind the safety of the rock, because Brody's troops in the trench are only about 20 inches away, which is close enough for the snipers to get me. 
I move the other 2 platoons up to assist with the taking of the rock.
My rifleman are almost in range of the Russians. 

Turn 12: Brody
Brody continues to hold the trench, and he's aware of my presence at the rock.
Turn 13: Me
I now have 2 whole platoons at the rock, with 1 soldier to spare. I'm moving the GPMG up to assist them. I haven't decided what my plan of action is after the rock, maybe it's to assist in the full frontal assault against the trench with the Americans. 
Turn 14: Brody
Brody continues movement up to the trench, which I think he might sense something up with the Norwegians, maybe a possible attack. 

Turn 15: Me
With the GPMG at the rock finally, I can finally focus on my second objective requiring the Canadians, Hill 816. 

The first Canadians move up to the hill. I'm trying not to make too many Canucks attack right now, but just a few to see if I'm in range of the snipers. A test, if you will. 
Turn 16: Brody
Strength at the trench is at full swing. Brody is probably contemplating a full-on frontal assault, so I'll have to be a little more tactical about this.
Turn 17: Me
More Canadians move up, but I still need to keep some reserves. The hill is in sight, and within a few turns, I'll probably be within the vicinity of the town.
Turn 18: Brody
Starting a poor-role spree, Brody rolls a 2 and moves up 2 Officers.
Turn 19: Me
More Canadians move up (I used flash for this one, lighting was a little poor). 
Turn 20: Brody
Brody continues to move his officers up. 
Turn 21: Me
I have finally reached hill 816. Now all there is, is to hold the hill.
Turn 22: Brody
A horrible roll from Brody.

With his 1 turn, his moves his sniper closer to the Canadians.
We'll continue the game later, so stay tuned!

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