Tuesday, January 31, 2012

West Germany 1978 Game Part 6: Canadians stay put/Norwegians take trench

The battle continues and Brody kicks the game off with a single rifleman.
Turn 36: Brody
Starting right were the battle left off, right near the hill.

Brody's medic is standing still. He rolls, misses and it goes to me.
Turn 37: Me
I move 2 Canadians back to the hill, 1 towards the hill and 2 more reservists up.

I get a two, and another decent roll after this one sealed Brody's rifleman's fate.

TAKE THAT!!! Brody's medic is dead. He'll be at the graveyard soon. 

Turn 38: Brody
Brody gets a decent 4 and moves up 2 platoons to the trench.
Turn 39: Me
I hold my ground on the hill. These Canadians are veterans now. I think this is it for them in the battle.
Turn 40: Brody
Brody's first good roll for the day gets him a 6. He continues to move 2 platoons up to the trench.

He moves another platoon up to the bunker.
Turn 41: Me
Over to the east, the Norwegians go over the hill, advancing right onto the trench.

In range of my LMG's and riflemen, one of Brody's snipers (which posed a huge threat to me) is about to get it.

A huge weight on my shoulders gone.
Turn 42: Brody
Brody is not happy about me advancing. He stays put.

He guns down one of my Norwegian riflemen. The first Norwegian casualty is the soldier I christened "Pte. Rosenberg" for the West German Army.
Turn 43: Me
A decent roll gets me 5 moves me even closer towards the trench.

I gun down 1 of Brody's officers and one of his LMGs.
Turn 44: Brody
Brody moves up 1 of his riflemen.

He guns down one more of my riflemen.
Turn 45: Me
Moving more units up to the trench. I didn't intend on taking the trench with my Norwegians, but I did it anyhow.

I shoot one of his riflemen down.
Turn 46: Brody
Another Norskie goes down.
Turn 47: Me
Norwegians finally storm the trench.

I kill another 2 riflemen. The Norwegians are on a roll! 
Turn 48: Brody
Brody finally gets wind that it's my LMG doing the dirty work, so he shoots him down. 
There were peace talks during dinner (which was Shepard’s Pie, yummy), and I can say with confidence that they were productive.
I successfully convinced Brody to end in a ceasefire.
Brody's forces surrender. 
I lost a total of 6 soldiers, which is nothing in comparison to the 10 Brody lost.
I'm not too sure of where/when the next game will be. I was really looking forward to using my US troops, but that didn't happen.
Stay tuned!

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