Thursday, December 29, 2011

Basing model trees: What a chore

I bought some model trees, and boy, is it a chore to base them. I tried basing them using regular glue. Didn't work. Superglue. That didn't work either. Hot glue. That didn't work. However, finally, I bought some Gorilla glue and it was all good. 
Not bad for 10 dollars for a bag of 10.

If I can get my camera to keep batteries in longer than 2 seconds (literally, I take 2 pictures and it says I need to change the batteries, ridiculous) I'll upload more. I've painted more Norwegians and Canadians along with a few more Americans, but now I'm REALLY out of primer, so it might be a little while before I paint more.
Also, Brody is coming over for New Year's Eve which we'll be doing some serious wargaming for the West Germany Campaign of Standoff: Cold War, so tune in then, or after your 24-hour hangover.

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