Friday, December 2, 2011

Liberation Miniatures Cold War Israelis

I got these from Liberation Miniatures yesterday, and so far I love them! So wait, hold up, Israelis? Yes, they are Israelis, but that doesn't mean I'll be using them for that. I find that a lot of miniatures that are meant to be Israelis look very similar to the Cold-War era Canadian military. So I will be using this set as Canadians. However, enough of my jabbering, onto the preview!
A full overview of the set.

I had a hard time with the guy on the right standing up (I usually do when it comes to those chargers).

A C/O and a rifleman

My favourite pose on the right, and my second favourite on the left.

The fellow on the right looks like he has a jump helmet, but after some careful inspection you'll see that it is actually an M1 helmet.
That's all for now, which there is plenty more to come!

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