Monday, October 31, 2011

Basement productivity at it's finest

Happy Halloween!!! So yes, it's Halloween, dress up in your spooky costumes, go trick-o-treating with the kids, pass out goodies, sit at home and veg while eating candy and watching scary movies or go about your day like I did.
With the recent Nor-Easter (as they're called here), I've found myself with extra time on my hands, trapped in the house. So I've gotten around to some minor upkeep around the office.
Here's the old office. Yes, I do have a poster to a movie that I didn't like very much. What? It was on sale...

I made my own turf mat, replacing the old tiles. I basically just took some brown construction paper and some modelling flock followed by tonnes of glue. I then stapled it down to the table.

I began working on the new moderns. However, I'm a little bit short on primer, so I sprayed what I could out of the can onto the miniatures and found that I could only completely cover 3 total. I haven't yet decided who to assign the British and the Americans to. I'm debating whether or not to assign the British in this set to the 5th Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment (I like the Irish Regiments and the Welsh Regiments in particular) and the Americans to the 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment. I tampered with painting them a desert camo, but I like woodland camo.

Here's the British section leader.

And the 2 yanks.

So have a fun and relatively safe Halloween!!!

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