Sunday, November 6, 2011

2007 Northwestern Greece Game: Part 1

Brody came over today and he and I did battle on the wargaming. Here's what happened:

Situation: The year is 2007. The Russian 98th VDV has landed troops in northwestern Greece as part of Operation ZAITZEV. Israeli Troops of the 435th Battalion respond with brutal force outside of a small village.

2 Israeli Infantry Companies
1 Israeli Recon Company
1 Israeli HQ Company

1 Russian Heavy Company
1 Russian Specialist Company
2 Russian Engineer Companies

Let the battle begin!!!
Turn 1: Commander Brody
Commander Brody moves 3 Platoons up on the left side of the town.
Turn 2: Commander Austin
I move my forces up to the rock wall, where I plan to move up a bit further in my next turn.
Turn 3: Commander Brody
Brody moves 4 of his troops up, meeting my Israelis half way.
Turn 4: Commander Austin
Moving my forces up the rock wall, I almost come in contact with Brody's troops, who are just over a small trenchline. 
Turn 5: Commander Brody
Looks like Brody has moved his old hero, Barrows. He moved him up on the rooftop, don't know what he intends to accomplish with that.
Turn 6: Commander Austin
I move my Israelis up, in hopes to take the trench. TAKE THAT TRENCH AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Turn 7: Commander Brody
Brody moves an officer up as well as a rifleman. I'm onto his plans in taking the trench before me, but I won't let that happen. 
Turn 8: Commander Austin
Aha! I have taken some of the trench. Lets see if I can hold it in time for re-enforcements.
Turn 9: Commander Brody
I see potential in Brody's rifleman. He and the officer are moving up, I hope they don't do anything. 
My Israelis are getting ready. I sense an assault...
Turn 12: Commander Austin
I see Brody's rifleman moving up. Contact! I move up some re-enforcements in order to back up the trench.
Turn 13: Commander Brody
Brody moves up 2 riflemen and 1 officer. His other rifleman is still over the ridge, almost in contact of my Israelis in the trench. 
Brody rolls a 4 and uses his infantry to take out my Israeli officer.  Looks like one of my riflemen is alone other than the other across from him.

Turn 14: Commander Austin
So it's my lone Israeli rifleman, left to defend the trench. It's time to call in my reserves. 
Look at him, in all his lonesome. I do hope he can withstand the attack. 
Turn 15: Commander Brody
Brody goes trench-raider and hits hard at the trench with the officer going over first. Brody's rifleman stay back, but they're just in range of me to shoot.
Brody shoots me 3 times, which is enough to kill a veteran. Things are not looking too good at the trench.
Turn 16: Commander Austin
I move up a communications officer along with a rifleman to support the only living soldier at the trench. I fired one shot at Brody's officer.
Turn 17: Commander Brody
Brody did not take to kindly to me moving my officer up, so he killed him as soon as possible.
Turn 18: Commander Austin
Here come my reserves, ready to take the trench at all costs... once more...
Turn 19: Commander Brody
Brody moves his troops up in a hefty role of 5. I've made it clear that Barrows is going to be my first objective. Kill Barrows at all costs...
Turn 20: Commander Austin
With almost all of my recon depleted, I really start to move my reserves from my heavy infantry company, comprising of mostly support gunners.
Brody and I took a rootbeer and salad break temporarily. Brody still wore his M40 helmet that he wore for Hat Day in 6th Grade. I remember I wore my British Mk. IV helmet.
Now, back to the game!
I rolled a 6 and killed a rifleman and BARROWS!!!! Muahahaha!!!! That was for the communications officer!!

Turn 21: Commander Brody
Brody moves up 2 officers, up into my revenge ambush with components of my reserves. They're in for a surprise.
Turn 22: Commander Austin
Elements of A Company move up into the town, where most of Brody's reserves are. But I move my sniper team up, with my eye set on the hill there. 
Turn 23: Commander Brody
Having killed an officer now, Brody moves his last officer and rifleman up to the rock wall. 
Turn 24: Commander Austin
Having killed Brody's officer, I'm now moving onto his rifleman. It's 4 to 1, and I can't imagine what's going through his tiny plastic little head.

I move up a little bit, past the rock wall in effort to re-take the trench. 
Turn 25: Commander Brody
Having killed Brody's rifleman, Brody moves up another platoon. 
Brody moves up a platoon or two, one's with a sniper. Crap!
Turn 26: Commander Austin
My sniper team moves southward, towards the city and towards Brody's reserves.

The casualties at the trench. 
Turn 27: Commander Brody
Brody's sniper takes place on the ridge.
Looks like we'll have to end it there! There will be lots more to come, so stay tuned.

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