Sunday, November 6, 2011

Greece 07' Game Part 2: Israeli Advances

Brody and I woke up early this morning and started the battle where we left off the night before.
Turn 1: Commander Austin
I continue moving in some Israelis into the city

The trench taking has failed, but Brody has moved up an officer and a rifleman. I have plans to kill both of them... I'll be sure to make it slow...
Turn 2: Commander Brody
Brody's rifleman moves down from the trench line and heads towards the rock wall. 
Turn 3: Commander Austin
I move elements of B Company up to support the attack on the city.

I rolled a 6 and then killed Brody's 2 soldiers up at the trench.

The game ended with a stalemate. I lost 12 soldiers, and Brody lost 11. So the winner is... Brody!

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