Monday, October 3, 2011

Operation Fubar: Day 1 Part 2

So last time we left off, I was in sight of Dad's heavy tank. Let's start off at Turn 11.
Turn 11: Me 
We came back after dinner, and I rolled a good 6. I moved my Seaforth Highlanders up, and an Irish Guard mortar section. Dad didn't notice this. Well, his eyesight isn't too keen, so I don't think he noticed.
 Turn 12: Dad 
Another big uh-oh on my behalf. Dad moved his Light Gun up, putting him in range of my infantry. Dad fires 1 shot at the Churchill and gets a hit. The Churchill has 1 more hit to go, and then it's up in smoke.
 Turn 13: Me 
I moved some of my Seaforth Highlanders to the almost-burning Churchill, hoping to take cover behind the hill. I fired 1 shot at the Heavy Tank, hitting it.
 Turn 14: Dad
In a new rule in Standoff, Dad uses the power of multi-attacking.

First he attacks my mortar crew, along with a rifleman nearby.

Secondly, (and much to my dismay) Dad knocks out the Churchill with his Heavy Tank. 
In his final attack, Dad knocks out an entire section of riflemen. 
Turn 15: Me 
A 1, not surprised, but in a recent turn, Dad knocked out my Sherman (I forgot to put that one on) and things aren't looking too good for the Irish Guards and Seaforth Highlanders at Ooskville. 

Well it looks like a death march is necessary, looks like it's off to the prison camp with me.

"After Action Report, Operation Fubar, Day 1, October 13, 1944.
The Seaforth Highlanders suffered many casualties, but nothing compared to the Irish Guards. A total of 8 soldiers were killed in action, not to mention the 2 tankers killed. 13 taken prisoner. For day 2, we will need a more tactical approach, more armour and a more elite force. The taking of Ooskville is vital.  

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