Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mongrel Miniatures 28mm British Infantry

I got these today, very happy! I've been looking for some good 28mm Cold War miniatures, and it looks like I got my first set. I ordered the set NATO 01 and BRITISH MARINES WITH SLR'S. They're both from Mongrel Miniatures.
Here they are, all 8 of them. It's 4 in a bag each.

Here's a British soldier with a Sterling (all of the others have SLR's)

Looks like he found contact. Maybe an Irish rebel or an Argentinian conscript.

Sorry it's a bit shaky.

Another one... sorry!

Here's the first of the Marines. I might paint them accordingly to the Paras, though.


He must be marching. 
A big thanks to Mongrel Miniatures for giving me these awesome minis. I should have them painted soon.

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