Monday, October 17, 2011

A, B and Recce Company of the 435th Battalion finished

Today I put one of the last soldiers of my Givati Brigade regiment, the 435th Battalion.
A Company (in 20mm) is 8 Men (or in this case Women too, there is a woman soldier in this battalion), B Company is 8 men and my Recce Company is 8 men as well.
Here's the 435th in all it's glory. The pictures are a bit dark, but it still shows all of them.

Here's the Sayeret Coy. Sure, it's only got 7 men (I've added one since), but they still give me some good ol' fashioned reconnaissance!

Here's B Company. Its more of an assault company, with a majority of officers, support gunners and grenadiers.

And finally A Coy. A Coy. is more of a specialized unit. It is better for keeping back and sniping (hence the sniper) and for covert operations (the Frogman).
That's all for now! I've already begun assigning my next 24 troops to the 890th Battalion of the Paratrooper Brigade.

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