Monday, October 3, 2011

Operation Fubar: Day 1 Part 1

In the ficticious town of Ooskville in Belgium, it's a typical October afternoon, until... Me and Dad do battle there.
My Forces:
1 Section of Seaforth Highlanders 
1 Platoon of Irish Guards
Amongst that: 
1 Light tank and 1 Heavy tank, 11 Rifleman, 3 Light Machine Gunners, 4 Mortars and 3 Officers 

 Dad's Forces:
2 Anti-Tank troops of the 12th SS, 1 Mortar, 1 Light Panzer and 1 Heavy Panzer 
A Full Overview of Ooskville, my current Map loadout. 
A Full overview of my forces. My Irish Guards are in the foreground, and my Seaforth Highlanders are in the background with the Churchill tank.
 Turn 1: Me
Turn 1 brings only 1 move for me. I move my Churchill tank up the road, hoping to take the town and wipe out Dad's Heavy Panzer.
 Turn 2: Dad 
Dad moves his tanks up in a 3-turn roll. I think he has his sights set on my Churchill. 

Turn 3: Me 
I roll a 3, moving my Churchill a little bit, and then 2 Seaforth Highlanders following.
Turn 4: Dad 
Dad moves his tanks yet again, hesitating to move anti-tank troops up. He's getting in position to (attempt) to knock out my Churchill. 
Turn 5: Me 
I gave my Churchill a nudge, and then moved up some Seaforth Highlanders. 
Turn 6: Dad 
Dad moved his mortar up, probably trying to crack down on the Churchill as well. 
Turn 7: Me
I was leading onto something with my Churchill, and I think Dad knew. 
Haha! Wise ol' me moved the Churchill behind a hill. Now I'm not in Dad's range. 
 Turn 8: Dad 
Dad moves his field gun up, along with the mortar and the anti-tank troops. 
Turn 9: Me 
I move up my Sherman and 3 Irish Guards into the scrub. I somehow feel I'm setting myself up for an ambush...
My Churchill is peeing out, looking at Dad's Heavy Tank, which is yet to move
Turn 10: Dad
Dad moves his Heavy Panzer up, and it's in range of my Churchill, uh-oh. This is bad... very bad.
We took a break after that and ate meatloaf more tomorrow.

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