Thursday, September 15, 2011

Russians VDV. vs. British 52 Lowland

Today my good friend Brody and I did battle in a little town that we set up at a local game club. This is actually game 2 of our "VDV. vs. 52nd Lowland Div." series, though we didn't post the other one. I am the VDV, and Brody is the 52nd. Luckily I documented all of it for you to see.
Here is the layout. It's supposed to resemble a mid-50's German town. We'll call it Ballsville. 

Turn 1: Me
I move 5 units in my first roll, pretty good I think. I have 1 section on the move, and I'm trying to flank Brody in the centre of town.
Turn 2: Brody
Brody moved 4 units for his first go, heading right out of the centre of town and is trying to plough into my some-odd 20 men that I have waiting for him 
Turn 3: Me
I moved a couple of units into the section I am using to flank Brody's units in town.
Turn 4: Brody
In a combined attack between a random Chechen Rebel and 3 British rifleman, Brody moves up his veteran hero, Barrows, who is most likely going to die as he always does.
Turn 5: Me
I moved a few more units into that one little section that was going to flank Brody in town, but then I realized Barrows was going down and the fight was on. 
Turn 6: Brody
Brody moved Barrows up with Barrows' "pet medic" as I call him and a rifleman behind him. I know this tactic, Brody moves Barrows and his pet medic up so that his medic can heal him and Barrows can carry on. Fortunately, I have a plan to combat that.

Turn 7: Me
I don't think I've ever rolled a more pathetic number. A measly old 3. I guess I'll have to hold my ground and wait for Barrows to get me. BRING IT BARROWS!!!!
I used one of my Light Machine Gunners to take away one of Barrows' lives. 1 down, 2 to go!
Turn 8: Brody
So Brody is about to decide that he is about to crack down on this unit (seen in this picture). 
Barrows moves up, with his possy behind him. I am waiting for him, preparing to "take care" of him.
Turn 9: Me
Having realized that Barrows is screwed and that Brody might forfeit after that, I held up my section and dug in. 
Turn 10: Brody
Brody moved one of his heroes up and then dug in, and I got ready for Barrows to die. 
Turn 11: Me
I changed my mind and moved up my flanking section into town, just in case there is a chance that Brody will continue after Barrows is killed. 
Turn 12: Brody
Barrows is getting ready for his last stand. I wonder what was going through his plastic little head at that moment. 
Turn 13: Me
I go, and I immediately roll a good number. Barrows is dead, wrapping up the game due to my intolerance of extreme heat and the uncomfortable feeling of my butt sticking to the seat. 
Result Game 1
VDV: 1 Kill, 0 Casualties
52nd Low. Div.: 0 Kills, 1 Casualty

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