Thursday, September 22, 2011

French Armoured Car find and Orion conversions

I decided to take a look at some miscellaneous poses from numerous sets in the past. I noticed a couple of poses from the Israeli set that I could use for a French Army VBL that I found today which I got from a good friend of mine a while back. It's to scale, so I put that ol' exacto-knife to the test and converted an otherwise useless pose for a great vehicle.
Here it is. Found it in an old container on the shelves in the basement. Hadn't seen it for months, but it felt good to find it and put it to use.

Yes! It's to scale! Now to just find a figure to use.

Looks like a found a winner. Sorry, bud, but you have to get half of your body cut off.

Looks like it's a perfect fit. Now just for the paint job and then the gluing... my favourite part.

Looks to be okay. I had to look up French army camouflage for the project, which I turned out to be good at painting it.
Maybe I'll it for any upcoming games. What? It's not cheating to put 2 allied armies against 1 huge army. Since this is French, I might need to pick up a French set somewhere to support it. I don't really feel like basing this one, just the wheels will do. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Austin, I'm looking for vehicles for my next project which happens to be France, do you know who makes this kit? It looks like a great little model, all I can find is resin S&S kits. Thanks a lot!