Monday, September 5, 2011

Russian HQ Build

Yesterday, out of sheer boredom, I started to look for a Styrofoam block that I could use for maybe a building or two. I found one, and I made my Russian Headquarters building. I made this from nearly scratch, but in the end I think it looked good.
After carving out a door and putting on a cardboard base, I began to work on the impact holes from enemy shelling.

Some impact holes from the side.

Obviously just by looking at it, the top has been heavily mortared.

A peek inside. I didn't pay much attention to the inside. I wish I did though.

For some reason, the superglue I used started to eat away at the Styrofoam. Maybe some chemical component that I'm unaware of. Chemistry is beyond my understanding.

Here's the finished product. I might put a Russian flag above the door or some place like that. The upcoming Russians. vs. Rebels game will most likely see this amidst the battlefield. Bring it, Rebels!

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