Friday, September 16, 2011

My favourite manufacturers of the month: September 2011

Just to let you get to know me, I'm listing my favourite miniature manufacturers.

No. 5:
Revell. Revell has given me some great sets in the past, and it deserves a spot on my list.

No. 4:
The No. 4 Spot goes to Orion Miniatures for giving me some awesome figures in the past. 

No. 3:
Elhiem Figures! It's a rather unknown manufacturer, but I love it so far, and I plan to buy some sets from them in the future.

No. 2:
The No. 2 spot goes to Empress miniatures. I found this manufacturer recently, and I really like the detail that goes into their sets.

And Finally... the No. 1 Spot goes to (drumroll please):
Mongrel miniatures!!!!!!!!!!! I have ordered 3 sets from them recently, and I really like their sets. They have the Cold War British series, which I have really come to like.

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