Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Adventures of around the house

It's been a slow week so far, putzing around the house, bored. It's almost fall, and I'm starting to feel the cold front coming in. I haven't been doing much other than finishing up the Russian Federals and starting on the Chechen Rebels. I've documented a lot of me just putzing around the house, time to take a look!
Here's Dukey, the "Goose dog". He honks like a goose whenever he's upset.

Miles (left) and his girlfriend of 4 years, Daisy (right).

Ah.... here we have a cat that I have a personal vendetta with, Boris Katnikov. He's a spy (so we think) from Odessa, in Russia.

J.J. (Or Jacob Johnson on the left) and his actual brother, Miles (right). They are actually brothers, even though they look nothing alike.

And to finish this post off we have Tartarus. I gave this figure to a friend a little while back (so this picture is rather old), and we figured out that he could open his jaw. Of course, rolled up an old receipt and he went and puffed away. 
I may do a post soon of the Chechen Rebels. I have about 5 done so far, but more are to come!

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