Monday, September 19, 2011

The Israelis have arrived!!!

I am very pleased to say the long-awaited Israeli Army set has come today. Very glad!

A barely-visible Female officer

A Rabbi. The IDF has many Rabbis

Here's an officer

A guy with a Mitzefet. A Mitznefet is a helmet cover that many soldiers in the IDF use. It's sort of a camouflage technique.

A tanker. Too bad I don't have a good Merkava tank to go with him.

An M4 and a Grenade launcher

A signalman

This guy is probably talking to a comrade, maybe the crouching guy below.

A sniper wearing a ghillie suit

Another tanker.

Now onto set 2. Here's a charging rifleman.

He's maybe launching a grenade at a Hamas safehouse, but this is Standoff, so he may be launching it at the Russian HQ!!!

At first I thought this guy had an Uzi, but then I found out that it was a Galil.

The ol' Captain Morgan stance

A guy with the classic Uzi.

Here's one in an NBC suit.

A Frogman with a Galil.

Another Galil.

A crawler with an Uzi.

Here's another Galil with a boonie hat.

This figure doesn't have a helmet, but he has a yamakah. 
Well, that's all. Updates on the painting soon. Stay tuned!

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