Sunday, August 12, 2012

Status Report (August 12, 2012)

I've been looking around for some miniatures and doing a bit of research on what the average soldier fight for the Serbs, Croats or Bosnians would have looked like (as far as uniforms and kits go) and used in battle.
So far, for the infantry, almost all regular riflemen used a Zastava M70, which is the Yugoslavian version of the AK-47. They used a bunch of Yugoslavian variants of Russian weapons, like the Dragunov and PKM and so on.
Almost all sides used M81 Woodland camouflage or something that looked like it, if not that, then a mixture of civilian and military-looking clothes. The Serbians used the old Yugoslavian Army uniform commonly which was a kind of field khaki-gray. From the footage and photographs I've seen, Chicom rigs and rucksacks are used quite a bit.
The Serbs wore old Yugoslavian helmets (if at all), and the Bosnians and Croats wore a mixture of M1's and M56's (the M56 being my favorite helmet). I've seen berets and winter wool hats being worn by some soldiers in a few pictures I've seen, but some wear nothing on their head at all. A really useful site to look at if you're into military helmets is Brendon's Helmets. There's quite the collection there.
Here are some other examples of some soldiers:
I believe this soldier is Yugoslavian or Serbian, judging by the helmet and camo. The helmet is actually called the "M59".

A good example of a post-Yugoslavian uniform in use with the Serbs.

Here's an example of an M56 in use amongst Croatian forces. The soldier second on the left is wearing what I think is Olive Drab. These might be Bosnians, because from the footage I've seen, they tend to be sporting the M56 a lot more than the Croats.

Bosnians wearing the same helmet.

Croats using the M1 Helmet. One of the soldiers in this picture (the 3rd one on the left holding his rifle over his shoulder) is actually carrying what looks like an FN-FAL.

And some more Yugoslavians or Serbs with man's best friend (although I tend to like cats a bit more, but I think a cat's battlefield effectiveness is questionable). 
 For the soldiers with helmets, I've been looking on Elhiem Figures and RH Models for both helmeted and civilian militia models.
I'll keep you posted when I pick the first miniatures up.
However, just before I leave, I thought I'd show you the pictures I've been taking while I enjoy the last few weeks of summer before I have to go to school again. This is just the countryside around where I live. Enjoy!

This is my favorite one.

Turkeys always move in a troop-like fashion.

A lot of people come up to Maine for the summertime, and sadly a lot of them get to miss the best part about it, the countryside. However, they don't get to miss the nearly constant dreary weather, but hey, if they don't like it, they can go to Florida!
Stay tuned!

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