Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Platoon 20 Yugoslav Wars Generic Infantry preview

My first troops for the Yugoslav Wars have arrived! This is more of a generic militia, and it could probably apply to any of the 3 armies during the war.
These are some great looking miniatures from Platoon 20, although I got them from the U.S. company that sells them.
Anyway, enough of my yammering, let's get to the preview!
In Force on Force rules, this should make up about a fireteam or so.

This is who I'll assign to my squad leader, he just looks like one to me. Also, it's just my favorite pose.

Nice bandanna!

This figure appears to be wearing a flak jacket, which adds another defense die in Force on Force.

This guy is being smart and ducking.

Here's the back just so you can see what they look like turned around, just if anyone is interested in picking this set up.
I may do a camouflage painting guide, showing you guys how to paint M81 Woodland camouflage. Stay tuned!


  1. They look like very nice figures. I'm not an expert on eastern Europe but I think they could probably be used for most units for the last several decades and the future! Even if you switch periods you could find a place for these I'm sure. The silo looks neat as well!

    1. I was thinking that too. Even if I do end up doing the Second Revolution thing, I think these figures could apply to that conflict as well as many others.