Sunday, August 26, 2012

First of the Yugoslav Wars infantry painted up

While I've been enjoying the last few days of summer, I've also been painting up the Yugoslav Wars infantry I got from Platoon 20.
I thought I'd show what they look like all painted up. Enjoy!
The fireteam as a whole.

Chuckov Norrisavic, the soldier I'll be rooting for on the battlefield. You might notice he's wearing some sneakers for going into battle. If you're going to get shot in the face, you might as well go out in style.

Captain Petrovic, looking stoic. 

A figure with an AK74u. 
And here they are showing off their equipment. 
I should probably be getting some more miniatures in the future, I think I'll get some Serbs this time, but they're on eBay and they'll probably ship from England, which is always fun waiting for them (oh goody).
I might also get a couple of sets, one just to tide me over as I get back into the "school groove".
Stay tuned!


  1. great work! your faces are especially well done. I like Chuckov Norrisavic lol.
    And the "school groove," sigh, already in all it's glory with me...

    1. Well, I think it's better sometimes to "rip the band-aid off quick" as opposed "rip it off nice and slow so you can be sure to feel the pain". Sometimes it's better to just get into the school groove quickly as opposed for having to wait for it.

    2. Some wounds are best left covered as well!