Thursday, October 11, 2012

A preview of Peter Pig's 15mm U.S. Marine riflemen (Set 1)

One of my longer titles, huh?
Anyway, I got home from school today to find a little packet from across the pond sitting in my mailbox.
You should know by now that I like to give previews of the miniatures before and after I paint them. This set is going to be for the Korean War, which I've started working on the terrain to go with it (I'll show my progress soon). I have to buy the paint for them, so progress may be a bit slow, but until then, here's the preview.
8 Miniatures in total, my favorite 2 poses are the most numerous (hooray). Like the lighting? It was taken on the lid of an old wooden box in my window sill.

A kneeling rifleman, my second favorite pose.

My favorite pose of the 3. To me, miniatures look complete with a backpack.

My least favorite pose, thankfully there are only 2 of them.

The miniatures turned around (just if your curious).

As of taking these pictures, I've based them and I'm still working on the terrain. I've got to get a company or so together, then we'll be working on the Commies. I'll try not to get too ahead of myself.
Stay tuned!


  1. A company is going to be an awful lot - 100 guys. You may want to just stick with a platoon for now. Enjoy!

    1. Probably, I think a platoon is around 40 men, looks like we'll be setting our sights on that for now.

  2. They look nice. What uniform are you going to go with? I'm not sure if they still used duck hunter but that woud be neat. Good luck.

    1. Probably the OG-107, but in the early staged of the war they used old WWII uniforms. I'm planning for this to be around 1952 or so.