Thursday, June 21, 2012

Satus Report (June 21, 2012)

The Soviet Strelkovy company is almost done! Although, I've been doing some "soul-searching". I tend to have a really (and I mean really) hard time making up my mind with things.
I'm caught between doing Flames of War, or sticking with 20mm and doing a fictitious conflict, maybe the 2nd American Civil War. 
Very confused at the moment. So the ultimatum, stick with 20mm or do Flames of War?


  1. Look at my blog and guess what one I would suggest! Obviously in my opinion the more new 20mm stuff in the blogging world, the happier I am. Though the decision is entirely up to you; whatever you decide I look forward to seeing updates

  2. Thanks, Ben.
    I have been researching Force on Force and that seems to be pretty cool, because then I can wargame in a fictitious conflict like America Civil War II.
    I'll make up my mind sooner or later!