Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twas the night before Cold War month

The long-awaited A Call to Arms WWII British Infantry came today. I should have the first miniatures up by tomorrow. 

Here's a full overview of all of the poses (though not all of the miniatures) in the set. I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately (hence the reason for Century of War tin behind the miniatures here)

Here's a poor casualty. Looks like I might be painting some blood on this one, unfortunately.

Here's a charger with an SLR. They didn't use these in WWII (thus the misconception of the 'WWII British Infantry' title), which sort of makes these Post-Korea British infantry.

Though it may not be perfectly visible in this photo, the charger in this photo is armed with an EM-2. The EM-2 was never sent to war with the British Army, but it was briefly adopted in the 1951-1953 range. I take it that this set was possibly designed for that era.

A kneeling EM-2 rifleman.

Here's a little more weapon-visible photo of an EM-2 rifleman.

A Grenadier.

Here's a miniature that I haven't quite identified. He's holding a radio, and pointing at something.

Last but not least, a lonely signalman. As I've said, I plan to start painting these tomorrow.

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