Saturday, July 6, 2013

A bit of an update

Hey guys.
So the last time I gave an update I was about to perform on a radio show in February on 89.9 WERU. That actually went okay, I personally don't think I did a good job but then again most singers don't think they do.
We started recording in late May or June in a studio in town here, and after a little band turmoil (which included one member leaving, leaving me and my friend Will) we've now levelled out and are working on a bit of different stuff. It's hard to describe if you don't really know music today very well.
I'm hoping that when I go to Germany this fall (where I'll be staying for about a month) I can play a little bit of music over there.
Now onto the wargaming subject. I do sometimes look at wargaming miniatures still. I'm still very fascinated by it. Particularly the 19th century. Possibly in the future I'll return. As for you guys, I've been looking around your blogs and it looks like things are going quite well. I'm fascinated to see that some people are getting into the Cold War, which was my favorite topic.
Anyways, I hope to speak with you again, and who knows; I might have some new miniatures!


  1. It’s good to hear from you! You are correct about the Cold War; a company called S-model has started releasing some excellent Soviet two-pack vehicle kits which are having an effect on the hobby lately.

    Nice to hear your band is still in action. I have recently found the music genre, “alternative,” and am a bit addicted; a group called “Capital Cities” being my current favorite.

    Have fun in Germany and good luck with your future figure purchases :D

  2. Thanks, Ben! And to you, good luck with your (hopefully) future investment in the Cold War. A very difficult but fun topic.